The Film


People who are close to death often report dreams or visions of deceased loved ones at their death beds, usually “invisible” to others in the room.
End of life dreams & visions tend to consist of seeing deceased relatives and pets. Often times these visions have themes of travel or preparing to travel somewhere with a loved one.
Nurses are able to predict someones death based on what the individual is dreaming of.
Such experiences have been reported across history and across cultures. End of life experiences are intrinsic to the process of dying. 
This is the first time this phenomenon is being discussed openly in a medical community.
Nobody had ever asked patients directly or attempted to quantify their experiences. 
Until now.
Could this be the process of the dying brain or medicine interference? 
Or could this be a sign of what’s beyond and what our human brains can comprehend.
Think of your greatest loss. What if at the end of your life, the loss returns and meaning is restored?
If any of this is true then dying is illuminated.